Monday, May 17, 2010



Misty has a long story, even though we just got her this Saturday.

She was owner released to the shelter several months ago. We decided that we were going to pull her and bring her here, but were waiting until Star's adoption was final so that we'd have a space.
The day that we got to the shelter to pull her, she'd just been adopted. Literally only hours before.
We were happy for her, and glad that she'd gotten a home.

A few months later, she was returned to the shelter in horrid condition. She hadn't been taken care of at all, and was a skeleton of the dog she'd once been.
The shelter called us when they got her back, and we said that we'd come and get her the following day.
When we got there, they said that there was a family who had seen her and would be adopting her. Oh YAY... we were happy for her (again) that she would have a family, and someone to care for her.

Fast forward to this Saturday. We were at our event and I got a call from a couple who said that they needed to rehome their GSP because she was too high energy for them. After talking to them for a bit, I came to realize that they were talking about Misty.
Of course we'd take her! I told them to bring her to us right then and we'd get the paperwork taken care of.

When they got to the event, turns out that they are the people who were going to adopt Luna several months ago, and decided not to because when they took her home for her trial stay, she rolled in poop. I guess they decided that they'd give a shelter dog a try instead, but this one didn't work out for them either.

(I have decided to refrain from writing what I'm thinking right now. I wrote/deleted, wrote/deleted, wrote/deleted. After the third time, I decided maybe it's better left unsaid, and I'll leave it to all of you who know me well to imagine what I would have written in this space.)

I was so surprised to see that Misty was still skin and bones, even though they'd had her for over a month.
We'll get her fattened up. She's getting some special food and a LOT of TLC.

Anyway, to end a long story, we finally got Misty (they had renamed her, but we went back to her original name that she had when she was owner released to the shelter).
I wish that we had gone to get her from the shelter that first time just one day sooner. She could have missed all that she's been through in the last several months if we had just gotten her sooner. :(
But she's with us now, and we are in love. She is such a great dog, with an amazing personality. She is sweet and attentive. And her energy is no match for our gang here! We keep her busy. LOL.

Our sweet Misty was accepted at HWAC today. I wasn't the one who made the transport because Marian was graduating today, but I was told that they absolutely loved her! They will find her the perfect home. :) I'll miss her. I got really attached to her and her goofy fly-chasing. LOL

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  1. Star-Piper thinks these folks need a cat -- a very neat cat that doesn't like hanging around people LOL. Go Misty.