Saturday, May 8, 2010

6 Fosters accepted at HWAC!


Wow. We had 7 fosters that went to California to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. SIX of them were accepted, and the 7th is getting adopted here!

It was a GREAT run, we had a lot of really awesome dogs.

I got to give him a big hug goodbye after he passed his physical and his temperament test with an A+. He is SUCH an awesome dog, and I'm really going to miss him. He was only at HWAC for 2 days before he was adopted. Isn't that awesome??!

This little pup captured my heart. Even though he was super active, and unbelievably loud (LOL!) I loved the little guy. With him gone, my house is eerily quiet. I'm sure that he'll be adopted quickly from HWAC as well.

We got Cisco back from the family who adopted him several months ago, because he didn't get along well with their older dog. We've had him back for a few weeks, and he's been doing really really great. He passed both his temperament test, and his physical, and was taken to his new room before I got a chance to say goodbye. :( I'll miss his goofy ears and his sad-looking face.

Axl, Lita, and Bono.
I will miss these 3 little pups! What great puppies they are. Loved their personalities, and each one of them had their uniqueness. Lita was a HOOT, and had a strong personality. She would stand up to the big dogs with an attitude that was WAY bigger than her body! LOL.

She was the only one that we took that didn't get accepted. She was so terrified after being on the push cart across the parking lot into the testing center, that they couldn't get her to come out of her crate, so she didn't even make it to the testing stage. :(
They said that she was gorgeous, and that she could come back again if we worked with her on her apprehension.
BUT, on the drive home from CA, we got a call on her, and she is now on a sleepover with a really great family!

At this time, we are without fosters. *shock!*

I can't remember the last time that we didn't have a foster in the house. It's quiet, and empty.
And a weird mixture of happy and sad all at the same time.

On one hand, I'm enjoying the time with just my girls, and on the other hand, I can't wait to get to the shelters next week and get our new fosters!


  1. We LOVE HART and all you do! Life is so precious and we at Helen Woodward Animal Center are happy we can help your furry friends find their forever homes! So, did you realize you have a little SUPER STAR to be proud of? I was so fortunate to take "AXLE" to KUSI this morning as our featured adoptable pet. WoW! He worked the camera and every one at the TV station! Here is the link to the segment that ran this morning May 9th on KUSI in San Diego:

    I was also told...he was the first adoption of the day...No more sleeping behind bars for "Axle"! He has his forever home!

    Two Paws Up to all of YOU!

    Trisha St. George
    Public Relations Supervisor
    Helen Woodward Animal Center

  2. Trisha, that is SO awesome! Thank you so much!