Sunday, April 18, 2010



Higgins was pulled from the St George shelter several weeks ago with another pup, Eliza, to try and keep them safe from a Parvo outbreak.
Both pups went to Lorraine's house, and sadly, they both did contract Parvo, despite our efforts to keep them from it.
Eliza was in the hospital for days, and eventually was able to come home, and Higgins pulled through with Lorraine's constant care and attention.
He is back to his normal devious self now, and just as active as ever. LOL!

Higgins has bounced to a few different foster homes before he ended up here. He is very high energy, and very vocal. LOL. We have a few younger high energy dogs here right now as well, so we figured he'd do well here with other dogs to play with.

So far, he is doing great, and he's SO sweet. Yes, he is active, and loud, and bubble-invasive. But I just love him. LOL.

Higgins got accepted at HWAC!

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