Tuesday, April 13, 2010


3-20-2010 to 4-10-2101

Aimee was one of our fosters from a few months ago. You might remember her with her sister Bonnie. :)

We got her back after an unfortunate incident with her adopter. Without going into too many details, lets just say that the girl's situation changed, and Aimee's well being was jeopardized, so we took her back.

She was skinny and scared when we went and got her. But oh so sweet, like she always was.

We took her into the vet for a once over, just to check out a few things. She was walking funny, and we asked the vet about that.
Well, a couple X-rays later, we were told that she had a broken pelvis. It was caused by 'severe trauma' and had happened a couple months ago. She'd been living with it, unfixed, and it was healing badly, causing Aimee a lot of pain.

What could we do? It had to be repaired.

The Vet kept her there, and did surgery the very next morning. They cut off the ball of her hip joint. (OW!)

They kept her for a couple days, then we were able to bring her home. She was doing SO great. Such a happy girl, in high spirits. She was a joy.

After being home a couple days, Bonnie's family came to visit. Seeing the 2 sisters together again was truly wonderful. I admit to crying a little. ;)

That following weekend, we had a presentation to do in a Vegas school, accepting some food donations that they had gathered for us, and doing a little talk on animal rescue. They told us that we could bring a dog with us, and we decided to take Aimee. We thought that we could raise awareness of animal abuse as well. :)

We couldn't have picked a better dog to go with us. She was AMAZING with those kids. I was so impressed with her behavior and how she reacted to all the activity and love from those kids. The kids really responded to her, and were touched by her story. I hope that it's something that they remember for the rest of their lives.

After our presentation, we went to Bonnie's house, to drop off Aimee where she would be staying for a long weekend with her sister. :) She loved being with Bonnie, and was having a great time with the kids too.

We left her there on Thursday.

On Saturday, Bonnie's family asked if they could adopt Aimee. :) There was much cheering on this end of the phone. We are all SO happy that Aimee gets to spend the rest of her days with a loving family and with her sister. :)
Thank you to Miles and Amy and their wonderful kids, for loving these 2 girls. :)

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