Sunday, April 18, 2010


March 24, 2010

Wade went and picked up Diesel from the Washington Shelter while Lorraine and I were still in California. We had been down several times to see him, and we were waiting to see if he was going to get adopted there, as they said there was quite a bit of interest in him.

When we first saw him, we thought he was a pitbull puppy.
Turns out that he's full grown, about a year old, and a mix of bulldog/pot bellied pig. LOL.

He is an adorable little guy, with the CUTEST face, and a fantastic personality. He is an absolute hoot. He's pretty laid back, but he knows how to play hard too. He get along so great with the other dogs here.

After having Diesel for a couple weeks, we have had a lot of people interested in him, and he even got adopted for a week! They returned him because he didn't fit in with their family like they had hoped. That's ok.. the perfect fit is out there for him, I know it. :)


Diesel got accepted at HWAC! He was adopted almost immediately too!

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