Sunday, April 18, 2010



Wade adn I drove to the Cedar shelter to get Fernando the day that he was supposed to be euthanized. He went to a different foster home, and has been there for several weeks. She has been great with him, and he is a different dog than the one that we left with her. He was scared, shy, nervous. Now he is confident, happy, and affectionate.

He is a sweet boy, with a great heart and a gorgeous face.

We brought him here because his foster mom is ready to have her baby any day now, so we needed to lighten her workload. :)


Fernando got adopted at our event in Mesquite today! He is adopted by the folks who adopted CJs sister. (We had CJ, aka Calamity Jane, and her sister Annie Oakly aka Sadie, several months ago).
They were looking for a buddy for Sadie, and they loved Fernando!
They took him for an overnighter, and we will go finalize everything today if the night went well. :)
Oh I hope I hope! This would be a great home for him!

YES! Finalized everything today! Fernando is officially adopted! YAY!

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