Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Axl, Lita, and Bono

Got these 3 cuties from the shelter today as well. Normally, we would leave puppies at the shelter as long as possible because they have a high chance of being adopted there, but for many reasons we decided to pull these 3 right away.

They are lab/chihuahua mix. Yeah. Think that one through.
They are SO cute, but shaped SO funny, LOL.

They are absolutely adorable, and they love to play with the other dogs.
We are really enjoying having them here. :)

These 3 darling pups went to HWAC today! I'm sure that they'll be placed into wonderful homes very very quickly.

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  1. So, I hope the male was the Chihuahua? LOL. I once saw a Great Dane/Basset mix. And some other people insisted that they had an Akita/Chihuahua mix wherein the mother was the Chihuahua (that I did not believer for one minute). The Dane/Basset mix was one of the weirdest dogs I have ever seen. Head of a Dane with Basset ears, long Dan body, and short Basset legs. Funny! I would love to see pics of these guys full grown.