Wednesday, April 28, 2010



We got Aspen from the shelter today.
We don't have room, we don't have space, she might be a pit mix so she might not be able to go to HWAC, but she was one of those dogs that I couldn't turn my back on.

We knew that the end of this week was clean out time at the shelter and that we needed to take out any of the dogs that we could.

Aspen wasn't on our list.

But I had a little break down as we were leaving the shelter, knowing that if we walked away from her, that her time was up.

After we left, Lorraine called the shelter and asked if they would hold on to Aspen for another day till we could get back up there. They agreed, and Wade went and got her for me this afternoon when we got back from Panaca. I didn't know he was going to go get her, and I cried when he brought her home.

Yes, our house is full. Yes, we are overflowing. But... Aspen gets to live. She gets to find that perfect family who is waiting for her. She gets to be happy, she gets to know what love feels like.

So it's a little crazy here right now. So it's a bit noisy. It's a little crowded.
Yep. My house is full. But so is my heart.

Aspen is on a sleepover! YAY!
Keep your fingers crossed. I think that this will be a great home for her. :) When I called to see how everything was going, they said that she was in the backyard playing with their daughter. :)

Aspen is adopted! This is such a great family for her! I'm so happy that she's got a happy ending to her rocky start!

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  1. That is great, even if you are a bit full for a couple of days Cat - you can deal with that, right?