Thursday, October 15, 2009



We got Cisco from the shelter today. He's between a year, year and a half old, an Australian Shepherd mix. Probably mixed with some Spaniel.

He is a big goof, and SO incredibly sweet.
He did NOT like his bath at all, but really enjoyed the toweling off afterward, LOL.

He seems like he may have a urinary tract infection ( he whines when he pees, and he only dribbles a little bit at a time) so we'll have to go get that taken care of.

He's getting along great with everyone else, and even though we introduced three new dogs today, everyone is getting along splendidly!

The last photo there is him looking in watching Josh make dinner tonight. LOL


Cisco is doing GREAT! He is so mellow and laid back compared to the other crazies in the house, LOL. He is completely housebroken (with use of the dog door), and is over his infection, though now he has a bit of kennel cough.
He's a big sweet boy, with a soulful face and I just love him.


It looks like Cisco has found a home! He went on a trial to see if he got along well with their pig, and it seems to be going great.
A note from his new dad:

A quick update on Cisco.
He is doing well and playing well with Toby. He stays away from Piggy as much as possible. Including crawling backwards out of his skin if necessary.
Another day or two and Toby will realize that Cisco is staying. The nice thing is that Cisco is not overly energetic especially for his age. They will play hard for about 5 minutes then take a 2 hour nap.


Merry Christmas from Cisco!

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