Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maddie and Lily


Lily and Maddie were found tied to a tree together with no food or water out in the middle of nowhere. The county sheriff took them to the shelter. They were VERY shy and skittish and afraid of everything.

And they looked HORRIBLE. Matted and filthy and stinky.

We took them from the shelter last week to see if we could get border collie rescue to take them. While they were in our Apple Valley facility, a couple out there saw them and fell in love. They've been going over several times a week and interacting with them, playing with them, etc.

They completed the adoption process just this Tuesday, and Lily and Maddie now belong to them. They are a fantastic couple, Wade and I spent quite some time visiting with them in their home.


I took the girls to the groomers today, and they'll go to the vet tomorrow to be spayed.

When I picked them up from the groomers, I almost started crying. They looked like 2 different dogs than the ones I dropped off this morning. They are gorgeous.

And they are so incredibly sweet. Very shy, but sweet.

We have them here at our house, and they'll be here till they go home on Saturday morning.

Everyone, meet Maddie (the black one) and Lily (the white face).


Maddie and Lily went home today. Their new mom and dad picked them up at our house early this morning before our adoption event. They say that both girls are doing fantastic, and that they are SO happy!
YAY! I can't tell you how happy I am that they were adopted together. J seems to think that Maddie may be Lily's mom, and that is where the connection comes from. It is entirely likely, and makes total sense.

Thank you J and T for loving these 2 special gals!

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