Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Kiya was abandoned at Apple Valley with a note attached to her crate that said 'please take care of my dog'.

She is a Dalmation mix, about 5-6 months old. She is an absolute sweetheart! She has been a house dog before, obviously, and took up her position on the couch almost immediately. LOL


Kiya is one of the sweetest, most well behaved young dogs we've had.
She is so incredibly smart! She learns things super quickly.. I'm so impressed with her! She listens well, and has a great personality. She is SO loving. She likes to be a lap dog (or a shoulder dog, LOL) and wants nothing more than to be close to one of us.

She has such an expressive face too. I just love her.


Kiya got to go to her new home today. I think she is a perfect fit for them, and will fit in great. I got an E-mail already from her new mom saying that everything is going great!
They even sent me a photo already! Looks like she adjusted quickly to her new home!

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