Saturday, October 10, 2009



Vanessa is a sweetheart. I fell in love with her from the first moment I saw her cowering in her kennel at the shelter.
She was a stray, picked up on the side of the highway. From the looks of her, she'd been out there on her own for quite a while.

She was at the shelter for about 3 weeks or so before we were able to take her out. She's been out at our Apple Valley facility for about a week, and we just brought her home today.

We had an appointment to meet with a family from the Las Vegas area who were interested in adopting her. So she came here and got a bath, then we met them at the dog park.
They loved her (how could they not?) and we finalized the adoption.

They can't actually take her till she is spayed, so she will get to stay here for a few more days till all that gets done, then we'll drive her to them.

She is SUCH a doll. So mellow, and very sweet. She is well behaved, and she gives amazing hugs.
I'm glad that we've got her for a few days so I can love on her. And I am SO glad that she has found a home!


Vanessa went home today. They were so excited to take her home! She will have a wonderful life with them. Oh! And they changed her name to Roxy. ;)

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