Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jenni and Nellie


A couple of overnighters. :)

Jenni is a Puggle that we pulled from the shelter last week. She was in a different foster home, and then she was adopted on Saturday! YAY. We picked her up for the night so that I could take her in to her spay appt this morning. She'll go back to her new home when I pick her up from the vet this evening.

EDIT 6-19-10
Jenni was returned to us. The family who adopted her felt that she wasn't the right fit for their young family.
She's been hanging with us here, being her quirky little self, and will be going to HWAC the end of the month. :)

Jenni has been staying at our house, and enjoying the life of a pack dog, LOL. She was rejected from HWAC because she tested badly after her long trip to CA. We had already taken in a few more dogs while she was gone, so when she came back, she went to AV for a little while. It will most likely just be for the weekend, then we'll go get her and bring her back here. :)

Jenni is adopted! Great family, and they LOVE her! She's going to have a great life with them. YAY! It's about time for miss Jenni girl!

Nellie is one of the Dolan Dogs. She is one of the few that we couldn't find a foster home for, so she came to our house last night, and will go to Apple Valley today until a foster home can be found, or until a few of my fosters get adopted. :)

She is very very scared and shy, and we had to keep her in the side yard. My gang was just too much for her.
Hopefully she'll do well at AV, where she'll be with 2 of the other Dolan Dogs. We'll bring her back here once we've got some space.

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