Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lia, Akira, and Tracy

Little Lia has been through a lot in her short life.
Found abandoned by her owner, she came to us the end of January.

We had her with the Wonder puppies and the Panaca puppies. She absolutely LOVED being a part of all the puppy piles!

She was in 2 different foster homes, before going to HWAC in March. She was accepted there, but then returned due to health issues (which have since been resolved).

We had her here while she was recovering, and during treatment for a month or so, then she went to a different foster home again for a little while, and now she is coming back here again. :) I'm looking forward to having her back, she's a hoot. Hopefully this sweet girl will find her forever home soon. She deserves it!

Update 6-1-11
Lia is still with us. She's getting so much better, learning house manners, and doing fantastic with all the other dogs. Some new photos:


Akira was pulled from the shelter the same time as Jiggs. She'd been in a couple different foster homes before coming here to us, and then we had her for about 6 weeks or so. She LOVED the puppies!
We loved her goofiness, and her sweetness. She loved to cuddle, and loved to play.
She was adopted by a wonderful family who drove many miles to get her.

Tracy has been with us for awhile as well. We had her with Ringo and Bree, and then she went to a different foster home for awhile. She came back here a couple weeks ago, and has been doing really well. She is SUCH a sweetheart. An energetic pup, loves to play, but she's so attentive, and listens well. She's going to make someone a wonderful companion!

UPDATE 6-26-11
After having Tracy for several months with no inquiries for adoption, we decided to take her to CA, and she was accepted at HWAC.
I'm going to miss her, but know that she'll find a really great home in CA. She was a great foster dog, and we loved having her here.

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