Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Greta and Amos updates

Greta and Amos were both fosters that we had quite some time ago. Both returned. Both cases were devastating.
And BOTH have ended in happiness.

Greta was returned due to her adopters' health issues. She had been with them for many months, and her coming back to us was difficult.
We had her for a couple weeks before the most absolutely wonderful couple found her, and she went home with them. They are perfect for her (and she for them!). I'm so happy for her.

Amos' return wasn't as easy, nor were the reasons as valid. He had been with his adopter for about 9 months. without going too deeply into her circumstances, she was no longer able to keep him.
We had to go pick him up from the shelter, which was awful for him, and for us as well.
I had promised him when we got him from the shelter the first time that he would never have to go through an ordeal like that again. And I was SO upset that it had happened again.

He was happy to come here again, and settled right in. I remembered how much I loved this dog, and was torn up inside feeling as though I had failed him.

But his story also ends on a happy note.
The PERFECT family found him, after only being back with us for about a week.
They have been waiting a long time for a dog just like him, and he's been waiting a long time for a family just like them.
I'm sorry that he had to go through everything that he did, but if it hadn't happened, he wouldn't be where he is now... happy and loved. *happy tears*

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