Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frankie, Jiggs, Ace, Rosco, and Andy

Frankie was one of the pups we got from LA. He had been in a different foster home for a while, but came here when they could no longer keep him. What a great little dog! He was funny and sweet, and we just loved him! He was adopted by a wonderful family, and we hear that he is doing great!

Jiggs was only here for a short time between foster homes. He was a sweet ol' guy, but he had a hard time with the puppies wanting to play with him, so he didn't stay here for too long.
He has since found a wonderful home (with Gilligan!).

Ace came home with Wade and I from an adoption event up north. What a great little guy! We fell in love with him when we saw him, and knew he had to come home with us if he didn't get adopted. We had him for a few weeks before he went to HWAC.

Rosco was with us for a few days at the beginning when we first got him from the shelter up north, but had been in a different foster home. After he'd been there awhile, we decided to switch up a bit, and expose him to a new environment, so he came here. He was fantastic with the other dogs, and LOVED the puppies. He was adopted, and is much loved by his family!

Andy had been adopted several months ago, but returned for reasons not his fault. He came here, and we fell in love with him. What an awesome dog in every way! We didn't have him long before his perfect forever family found him. He's living the happy life of a lab now, just like he deserves.

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