Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gloria and Monroe

We got Gloria quite awhile ago. She came to us from animal control when they picked her up after she was allegedly tossed out of a moving vehicle. She was just a wee thing, about 8-10 weeks old.
So sweet and loving, very quiet and mellow.
(She is named Gloria for Gloria Gaynor: I will SURVIVE!)

She was at a different foster home for awhile, and then moved here.
She is an absolute HOOT, and we love her. She's got a great personality, and I just love the way that she looks at you... so much expression in her eyes.

She's going to be moving to a different foster home today, and I'll miss her!
I hope that she finds her forever home soon. The family who gets her is so very lucky!

Update 6-1-11

We got Gloria back sometime in May. She was doing great here, and we just love her. Got some new photos of her, updated her petfinder, and BOOM. Lots of calls on Gloria. :)
She was adopted by a beautiful family with a couple little girls who will spoil her like she deserves!
We will miss our sweet Gloria, but I'm so happy for her!

Monroe was one of the Chihuahua's that we got from the shelter in L.A.
He was adopted a few months ago, then returned because he didn't quite fit with the lifestyle of the family who adopted him.
We don't usually do the small dogs here, as our house can be a bit too rambunctious for them, but he had no place else to go, so he came here. He's been here now for a few weeks, and he is such the character! He gets along great with the other dogs, and LOVES to play with the puppies.
We shouldn't have any trouble getting this little guy adopted. He is a fantastic dog!

May update:
Monroe has been adopted! His new family has another Chihuahua, and he seems to fit in perfectly there. :)

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