Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laila, Bree, Ringo, Gigi, Shnookie, Brody, and Teena

All of these pups were here short term, while waiting to go to HWAC.

Laila was here the longest, she was the last of the boxer pups from Tooele. Her brother and sister had both been adopted, and her foster home couldn't keep her any longer, so she came here. She was here for a few weeks before going to HWAC and being accepted.

Bree, Ringo, and Gigi were all staying in our foster kennels temporarily until the HWAC trip. Bree was accepted, Ringo and Gigi came back with us, and went to different foster homes. Since then, Gigi has been adopted (Love that dog!) and Ringo is still waiting for his forever home.

Shnookie, Brody, and Teena were only here for 2 days just before going to HWAC and being accepted.

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