Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oso, Amanda, Buddy, Kipper and Hailey

May 2011

Didn't have these guys for very long, but they were great while we had them.

Oso and Amanda came from the same shelter, both were accepted at HWAC.

Oso was so gorgeous, and so sweet. Really fantastic dog. I can't believe he was in the shelter for as long as he was. He was adopted almost immediately at HWAC.

Amanda was only with us for a couple days before going to a different foster home where there was a bit less energy than with us. A cute little thing, about 5 years old.

Buddy came from the shelter as well, and was with us for a little while before going to a different foster home. About 3 years old, he had the cutest personality. Loved this little guy!
He was accepted at HWAC.

Kipper and Hailey came from the shelter too, and we only had them here a couple days before going to HWAC. They were both accepted. (shelter photos... I didn't have time to take new pictures of them. How sad is that?)

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