Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And Blue is back... Again.

Blue's original post HERE.

May 2011

Blue sure has been through a lot, poor guy.
He was adopted in 2009, then returned after a year and a half, because their son was diagnosed with asthma, and they couldn't keep the dogs in the house anymore. Blue wasn't having any of that, and just couldn't adjust, so they returned him to us.

We had him for a few weeks before he was adopted by a family with another Weimaraner.
They had him for about 3 months before returning him to us. I guess 2 Weims in the house were more than what they had expected it to be. Not everyone has that kind of patience, LOL.

We tried him at HWAC, but he came home with us.

What are we going to do with this big guy? He's SUCH a goof. Hopefully the RIGHT home is just waiting around the corner for him.

And almost as quickly as he'd been returned, he was adopted. Wonderful family in Vegas who have had Weims before and love (and understand) the breed.
YAY for Blue! Let's hope this time it STICKS!

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