Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Blue


Blue was an owner release to us.
He needed more attention and exercise than his owners were able to give him.
He is SO big!

He's about 10 pounds more than Amikah, but he's slender. He's just TALL.

He is only 11 months old, and is still very much a puppy.
He has no idea where his feet are. LOL.

He barked all night the first night we had him crated, so since then he's been sleeping on our bed with us and the other 2, no...3, no.. wait, 4 dogs. LOL. It's cozy to say the least.

He's doing really great here, learning what is expected of him in our house.
No chasing the cat, no putting paws on the counter (though he can put his head on the counter without even stretching).

He's a sweet boy with a lot of love to give.


Blue is adopted! He went to a family that will be great for him... a couple of kids, and another Weimaraner to play with! And he didn't bark at all his first night in his new home. Go figure, LOL.

Update, May 2011

Blue sure has been through a lot.
He was returned after his family had him over a year, because their son was diagnosed with asthma, and they just couldn't keep the dogs in the house anymore. Blue wasn't having any of that, and just couldn't adjust, so they returned him to us.

We had him for a few weeks before he was adopted by a family with another Weimaraner.
They had him for about 3 months before returning him to us. I guess 2 Weims in the house were more than what they had expected it to be.

We tried him at HWAC, and he didn't pass the physical test, so he came home with us.

What are we going to do with this big guy? He's SUCH a goof. Hopefully the RIGHT home is just waiting around the corner for him.

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