Saturday, November 21, 2009

Miley and Ziggy



I just realized that I haven't written about Miley and Ziggy!

These 2 are brother and sister. They were owner released, kid was moving and couldn't take them with him. He really didn't want to give them up, and those are always the hardest for me. I would rather give a dog to someone than take one away. I can't handle those kind of tears.

They were kenneled in the office the first night, as we had no room, but the next morning we went and got them and brought them here.
Ziggy is a bit grouchy with other dogs, so he and Miley get the bungalow and side yard all to themselves. 3-4 times a day we lock all the other dogs in the house, and the doxies get the run of the whole yard.

They really are great dogs, and incredibly affectionate. I love playing with them, their personalities are so fun.

They are doxie mixes... we don't know what they are mixed with though. They are about the size of Beagles, and the color of Doxies. LOL.

I wish Ziggy wasn't such an alpha with other dogs. I'd love to have them in the house with us. They are a hoot, and I really like them.


We still have these two. They've gone to every adoption event with us, but it's hard when they need to be adopted together. Not many people want two dogs at once.
We tried them at HWAC, and they won't take them because they are a bonded pair.

We'll do our best here then. I hope that they get adopted soon. They've been here for too long already, and need a good home.



*doing the happy dance... doing the happy dance*


We had given up on them getting adopted together, and we testing them at being separated. It was ok for Miley, she went to a great foster home. It was a lot harder on Ziggy, but he adjusted as well.
They were split up for about a week or two, when we got the call that someone was interested in one of them, but weren't sure which one, so they wanted to meet both of them.
After the meeting, they decided to take them both for a trial run to see if they really wanted 2 dogs.
It went SO well, and they bonded so quickly. Their new family adores them, and they LOVE their new home.
I'm SO SO SO SO happy for them!


*still doing the happy dance!*

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