Thursday, November 5, 2009



We made a trip to Cedar today to pick up some dogs from a Shelter that was over-full.
Charlie is one of the dogs that we brought home.

We aren't sure what kind of dog he is, but looks like he's got some greyhound in him.

He is SO unbelievably sweet. Very mellow, a little shy. What an adorable dog.
I'm glad we were able to bring him home today.


Charlie has some pretty severe abandonment issues. He needs to know where we are at ALL times. We tried crating him on his first night here and he tried digging out of his crate, causing quite a lot of damage.
He now gets run of the house at night and seems to do ok, as long as I am sleeping on the couch. As soon as I go to bed, he just wanders the house crying.
When I sleep on the couch, he comes up and nuzzles me for a minute, then goes outside to sleep for a bit. Then comes in to see I'm still where he can see me, and goes back outside to sleep. He does that all night long.
We'll get it worked out to where he's ok with coming in the bedroom to 'check on me'.

He is a sweetheart, and I adore him.


Charlie got accepted at HWAC! YAY! I'm happy for him, and know that they will find him a wonderful home.

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