Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet Sacha


We brought Sacha home from the shelter today. Oh my goodness, she is a sweet doll. Love her little face.
She is a 4 month old Dutch Shepherd.

She did NOT like her bath, and I'm pretty sure that my neighbors thought I was killing a dog over here. Sheesh, what a racket.

She loves Tevin, and is having a blast playing with the other dogs here.


Sacha was awesome last night. Never even whimpered in her crate. I got up once to let her out to potty, and she didn't complain about going back in her crate when she was done.

She thinks she is one of the pack already, and tries to be a big girl, doing what all the big dogs do. LOL


Sacha got to go to Panaca with us for Thanksgiving. We couldn't leave her here, and there was nowhere else to take her. So, she got to go with.
She loved it! And she was so good. What a little trooper!

We went Christmas Tree hunting up on Mount Wilson all day Friday, and she was so awesome off leash. She hiked the mountain all day with us.
I'm so glad that we took her. She was so much fun to have there.


Sacha got accepted at HWAC. It was really difficult for me to let her go. I've gotten really attached to her, and I wish that she had been adopted locally so I could see what she looks like as an adult dog. She is such a gorgeous little gal, with such a phenomenal personality.

Oh gosh, now I'm crying again. I'll miss my little Sacha.

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