Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Macey was the only pup left from a litter that was at the shelter. They let us take her today so that she wouldn't be all alone in the shelter kennel.
She's only 7 weeks old, and is an absolute doll.

She is so sweet, and the girls just LOVE her.

Ginger is very protective of her.
Amara keeps trying to carry her around like a mama dog would. We keep having to tell her to put the puppy down, LOL.

Luna is very sweet with her, and Amikah ignores her completely. LOL

It's fun having a tiny fluffy yummy puppy in the house. Oh the puppy breath. *sigh*


Macey went to a different foster home today to enable us to bring a couple more dogs home. It was so much fun having her here and playing with her for the time that we had!


Macey was transferred to another local rescue who needed a puppy. She'll be well taken care of!

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