Monday, September 27, 2010



We pulled Greta from the shelter the same day we got Coral and Cassidy.
She has been at another foster home while we were gone, and we just got her here today.

She is fearful, scared by loud noises, but oh so very sweet.
She loves to lay with her head in my lap, and is hungry for affection.

She was bred to be a working dog, but wasn't working out for the rancher, so he dumped her at the shelter.
She has no idea how to be a pet, but she knows how to love.

She was doing well at her other foster home, and I have high hopes for her here as well. My house is chaotic, so she is being subjected to noises and movement, and all that stuff that scares her, but she is tolerating it well so far. Right now, she's sleeping peacefully on the couch like she's been there her whole life. :)


Greta was adopted by an absolutely wonderful family in Nevada. They have another rescued Border Collie who is older and just as gentle and sweet as Greta.
This could not have been a more perfect home for her. She fits perfectly there, and was SO confident and happy!
As soon as we got to their home, she was wandering about and exploring! She never explored at our house unless she thought she was alone.
She bonded with her new family rather quickly, and they say that she is doing great!
They've sent me this photo of Greta (Now Tessa) and her new buddy, Casey. :) Look at her happy face, and her ears up!

I'm so happy for her!


Greta was returned after several months due to her owners' health. We were sad about that, but it's part of rescue and we dealt with it, knowing that something good was around the corner.
And it was!
Greta's perfect forever home found her with us after only a couple weeks. She has the most perfect life now, where she is loved, and will never have to worry about anything again!

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