Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Annabelle plus 7



9-23-10 We went and got Annabelle from the shelter just before we went out of town. She went to a great foster home where she gave birth to her litter of 7 puppies while we were gone. As soon as we got home, we went and picked her and her puppies up and brought them here. She is SUCH a sweet girl. Calm, quiet, loving, and such a good mama. We'll have her here for awhile, and I'm looking forward to watching her puppies grow.

The puppies at 2 weeks old:

LOVING these puppies and Mama! It has been a blast watching the puppies grow.
When they were about 4 weeks old, Annabelle developed some really horrid skin issues, and we needed to start weening the pups so that she could go on medication.
So we've been bottle feeding the pups to supplement. It's been fun. A lot of work, but FUN.
After a week, we started feeding them mash as well.
Now at just over 5 weeks, they are eating only puppy food, even though Mama still will feed them a couple times a day.
We each have our favorite pups, they all have such different personalities. I'm really loving the time that we get to spend with them.

And I adore Annabelle. She is SUCH an awesome dog, with a fantastic heart. She is always happy, and I love watching her play with the other dogs. She's AWESOME.


All of Annabelle's pups are gone. Mirabelle, Lorabelle, and Bluebell were adopted locally, and the other 4 went to HWAC and were adopted almost immediately.

Annabelle is still here, and we are loving her. What an awesome amazing dog she is. Sweet and loving, with the greatest personality ever.

I loved having her puppies here, and got very attached to all of them. I'm glad that a few of them were adopted locally so that we can watch them grow.

Lorabelle: Adopted locally. Her new name is just Belle, and she is such a gorgeous girl!

Bluebell: Adopted locally. Her new name is Fran, and she is a hiking, snowshoeing fool! LOL. She's absolutely adorable.

Mirabelle was adopted locally as well. I don't remember what they renamed her, but she is so freaking cute it hurts. :)

Isabelle. I'll miss this little gal! She went to HWAC.

Cowbell. My chunky monkey. What a sweet big boy. He went to HWAC.

Clarabelle, the sweetheart. She loved playing with the big dogs! She went to HWAC.

Barbell, the cuddler. He was such a gentle boy. He went to HWAC.


Mama Annabelle is adopted. I miss her dreadfully (especially since we have a litter of puppies here that she would love to take care of!). She's got a little beagle brother now, and a wonderful family who adores her like she is meant to be adored. She will have a great life with them! It was awesome having her here for so long, and I got very attached to her. Fetch isn't quite the same without her baying!

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