Monday, September 27, 2010

Coral and Cassidy


These 2 sweet girls were in a different foster home while I was out of town, and then they came to us Thursday.

Both shelter rescues, they were kenneled together, but they were not admitted to the shelter together.
We thought they were sisters when we first saw them in their shelter kennel.

Cassidy is younger, probably about 6 months, and a lab/hound mix.
She is so gorgeous, and has a personality to match her amazing looks.

A total sweetheart, very loving, and she almost bends in half with the bendy wiggles when you talk to her. LOL.
I love everything about her.. she is such a doll.

Cassidy was adopted! She went to a really great family with a couple little girls, and is going to have a great life with them. Her new name is Roxy!

Coral is older, probably close to a year, though we aren't sure yet.
She is a great little dog... too big to be a rat terrier, too small to be a pointer. No idea what her breed is. We think maybe some Whippet?

She has a great personality, with a happy fun attitude. Super sweet and cuddly too.

Coral went to a different foster home, and she may be getting adopted as well! WOO HOO!!!

Love having these 2 girls here. They are a lot of fun, and it's always nice to have cuddly dogs!

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