Thursday, August 4, 2011


We've had Lia since January, you can follow her story starting HERE.

It's time to update without making you scroll all the way back through months of posts. :)

Lia has turned out to be a really REALLY great dog.

Grown out of her puppy issues, she is so well behaved. She is such a snuggler, and seems to know just when to snuggle... she's so in tune with our emotions, it just amazes me.

I'm impressed with how wonderful she is with kids. She ADORES kids. Every day I'm more impressed with her, and every day I love her more. She has been through SO much, and SO deserves an absolutely wonderful family.

I know that there is a perfect family out there waiting for Lia.

Lia was accepted at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and currently has a pending adoption! 

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