Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mason, Thor, and Honey

May 26-11

We got these 3 pups before their owner took them to the shelter. (And we got their Mama dog spayed, so NO MORE puppies for them!)

They are not quite 5 months old, absolutely GORGEOUS, and big!

Mason is the boisterous outgoing one, and the biggest of the bunch. He's such a sweet boy, loves everyone and everything. Look at the size of his FEET!!

Update: June 21, 2011
Mason went to HWAC with us, and was accepted there. He found a home in CA pretty quickly. Someone there is a lucky family to get such a great dog!

Thor is stunningly beautiful, with a personality to match. He's such a sweet boy, and SO smart.

UPDATE: 8-1-11
We had Thor a bit longer than the others. He is a bit shy, but so super sweet. We absolutely loved having him here. He loved the water, and was a source of constant entertainment for us. :)
He was adopted Saturday, and hopefully starting to settle in. They report that he's a little bit shy of the dad in the family, but we've talked about ways for them to work with his shyness and pull him out of his shell.

Honey is the little girl, smallest of the bunch. She's a little shy, but oh so sweet. She loves Wade. :) We're working on her social skills, and she's getting a little better every day. She's going to make someone a wonderful companion.

UPDATE 7-15-11
Honey went to a different foster home while we were on our family reunion vacation, and she was adopted while we were gone! LOL. Great new family who absolutely loves her. I love the updated pictures of her snuggled up with her little boy!

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