Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Nov 2010

Ellie was lucky. :)

We had gone to the shelter to pick up another dog, and when I walked past Ellie's kennel my heart melted. At first glance, she looked like an old old gal, but that didn't matter to me.
We took her out into the shelter yard to see how she would do with the other dogs there, and while we were out there I called Wade to tell him I was bringing home an old Weim who we might have for awhile, LOL.

We made a vet appt for her right away to have her eye looked at, and for a good examination to see if she was healthy.

Turns out, this 'old' gal is only about 4 years old. The cloudiness on her eye is scar tissue from an old wound, not cataracts like we thought.
She's in great health, though a little overweight.

She did great here with my pack, and was such a happy happy girl!

We didn't have her for long at all. A wonderful family saw her on petfinder, and called to meet her. It was a great fit, and Ellie is HOME. :)

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