Wednesday, January 5, 2011


October 2010

Lady came from one of the local shelters, and after being in a few different foster homes, she came here.

She and Luna are like two peas in a pod! We call them "L squared". :)
She is a Border Collie/Pit mix just like Luna, and the two of them play so well together.
Lady has gone to a couple different places, and stayed at Apple Valley for awhile as well, but she's back, and I think she's here for good until her forever family finds her.

She's such a great dog, and I'll be so happy for her when she finally gets to go HOME.


Lady was with us for a long long time. She was 'tried' at several homes, but none of them were the right fit for her. She eventually went to HWAC where she was accepted, and adopted in only 2 days!! I hope that her new family loves her as much as we did... she SO deserves to be happy!

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