Wednesday, January 5, 2011

8 Puppies (Zodiak Puppies)

Dec 20, 2010

Got these pups from someone sitting in front of the store, giving away free Christmas puppies.
They were only 5 weeks old, still wobbly when they walked, still needing to be with their mama. :( The average person doesn't know how to care for a 5 week old puppy, so to avoid them going to bad homes, or ending up in the shelter after Christmas, we took them all. All 8 of them.

It's been so much fun watching them grow. They are SO sweet! It's way too cold for them to have any play time outside, so there is a lot of clean up involved in the house, but that's ok. They are warm, they are safe, and they are happy. :)

I wish we still had Annabelle. She's be in puppy heaven taking care of them right now.

(and yes, I spelled Gemini wrong)


My puppies went to HWAC. Mixed emotions there. It was SO much work having them here, longest 3 weeks of my life, LOL. But I'll miss them. They were my little star puppies. *sniff*

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