Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Max and Sadie


We got Max and Sadie from the shelter the same time that we got Lucas and Cindi Lou.
The shelter thinks that they are father/daughter. We aren't sure, but we do know that they are inseparable. We have no idea what breed they are, though we have them listed as Spaniel/Retriever mixes.

Max is SUCH a great dog. He is energetic and happy, but he listens so well, and has a great personality. He needs leash work, and by the time he gets adopted my arms are going to be super strong. LOL.
His head is HUGE, and his legs are short. Definitely an odd looking dog, but beautiful at the same time.

Sadie is 2 years younger than Max, and is very very shy. She is skittish around new things/sounds, but attaches quickly to you when she trusts you. She is a sweetheart, and you can tell that as soon as someone shows her that they love her, she will give them her heart.

It would be great if these 2 could be placed together, but I know that rarely happens.

These are their shelter photos, I haven't had a chance to get any new photos of them. They are getting groomed on Friday, and I'll get some good photos of them then.


Wow, do I love Max! He's SUCH an awesome dog in every way. He's cuddly, and sweet, and adorable, and smart, and I have fallen head over heel for him!
He did well at our adoption event today, everyone loved him, but he came home with us. He went to HWAC on the 12th, and they loved him there too. He was accepted, and adopted immediately. I hope that he has the life that he deserves. I'll miss him!

Sadie went to a WONDERFUL home on Saturday before the event. They know that she is shy, and nervous, and are willing to work with her.
They report that she is doing well, and is SUCH a sweetheart. We will finalize her adoption next week after she is spayed. :)

YAY for Sadie and Max!

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