Friday, February 4, 2011


Jan 2011

Lizzie was at the shelter for a long time. She was one of those dogs that kept getting overlooked because she was kennel crazy.
A young, active dog, stuck in a shelter kennel for too long. She was hyper beyond control, and her time was running out.

We took her from the shelter, gave her a bath, some attention, and some exercise, and in no time at all, her true personality was shining!

She is SUCH a great dog. Well behaved, great with the other dogs, she listens well, completely housebroken, and is great at fetch! She is very attentive, and SO smart. She is learning basic commands very quickly, and is eager to learn them!

It's so sad when great dogs like this lose their chance at adoption from the shelters because they can't emotionally handle the stress of their living conditions.
I'm glad we were able to get Lizzie and give her the chance that she deserves. She is going to make someone a wonderful companion.

Update: Lizzie was accepted at HWAC. She was adopted almost immediately!

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