Monday, September 7, 2009



Ozzie was a shelter rescue, and has been at our Apple Valley facility for a couple weeks. He was just neutered today, and we brought him home to hopefully teach him some manners and housebreak him by this weekend. He will have a better chance at being adopted Saturday if he's a little calmer, and a little better behaved.

He is a cutie, and wow is he ever vocal! I've never heard so much noise from one pup. LOL. He talks more than a beagle.

Right now he is crashed out on our couch, comfortable as can be. I like his personality so far, but it's hard to judge too much because he's on drugs. LOL. We'll know more about him when he's off his pain medication from his surgery today. ;)

The video is Ozzie meeting Vader.
Our cat, Vader is the most patient cat I've ever known. Do you think he sees his fair share of spastic fosters? LOL! What a great cat. This gave us all serious laughter fits.


I knew that Ozzie had been adopted, and that his transport was in the morning, so we had a bit of fun today with him. We filled up the kiddie pool, and I've never laughed so hard at a dog in the pool. He was a HOOT. It was a GREAT last night with the little Ozzmeister. LOL


Ozzie went to his new home today! Lorraine drove him to Fillmore, to meet his new family halfway. I was going to make the drive, but I was so sick the last couple days that Lorraine offered (well, insisted) to make the drive for me.
I'm so happy for the little guy. He is such a character, and has so much to offer his new family! I'll miss his attitude and playfulness, but most of all I'll miss him talking to me in the morning. LOL


  1. That's hilarious!! He is so cute. Hope he gets adopted soon.

  2. Pictures! Pictures! We want pictures of the pool party! Awesome for Ozzie.