Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jaxson again!


Jaxson's story starts here.

After being with his family for over 3 months, Jaxson came back to us.
They ended up not realizing how much time it takes to train a dog, and because they didn't have the time to work with him, he was not turning into the dog that they wanted him to be.

It wasn't working out for them or for Jaxson, so she called us and asked us to take him back. I was all too happy to go get the little guy.

He was SOOO happy to be back here with us and with the other dogs!

They told us that he was destructive, chewing things. And that he was an escape artist, getting out of the yard all the time.

Since he has been here, he's been an angel. No issues whatsoever, though he has lost almost all of his manners and we need to retrain him in basic commands.

I think he was bored there, and didn't get enough interaction, so he found things to keep him busy. That's going to happen, and it's understandable considering the circumstances. You can't leave your dog alone in the backyard and not work with him, and then expect him to be a perfectly well behaved dog. It doesn't happen that way.
A well trained dog takes time, patience, and love. And it takes all 3 of those things. If even one element is missing, it won't work.

We all went hiking at Apple Valley Sunday, and Jaxson had SO much fun! It was a blast to watch him running with the girls, and jumping over sage brush.

It's fun to have him back, and we'll be sure to find him a home that has the time to be with him, and lets him be the dog he was meant to be.


Jaxson got accepted at HWAC today! They will find him the perfect home!

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