Saturday, January 9, 2010



Suki came to us as an owner release. She had the misfortune of belonging to a couple in the midst of divorce who found that they no longer had the time to care for her properly.
She's spent a lot of time in a crate lately, and her energy level is through the roof.

She has a sweet personality and is getting along really great with the other dogs.

I think we are going to take her to Apple Valley and let her run there for a few days to wear off some of her pent up energy, then bring her back here for some much needed socialization and training.


Suki is at Apple Valley for a few days to make some room here for a couple new fosters. She is LOVING it out there! We went for a long hike in the mountains, and she was doing so great.
You can tell that she loves the freedom and running. Though she preferred to stay close to Wade and I rather than run off with the other dogs too much.

We'll let her stay there for a little while till a space opens up back here, or Lorraine might take her to her house to see if they can get her muscles built up in her back legs.

She is such a sweet dog, and I love her personality. She is in a constant state of wonder.


Suki went to a GREAT new foster home. She's got another dog to play with, and will have constant interaction with her foster mom. She'll get to go on several hikes during the day to work on her leg muscles.
YAY! This new foster home with be amazing for her in every way. :)


*doing the happy dance* SUKI GOT ADOPTED!!!

It was SO awesome! She went to a GREAT home with kids for her to play with! YAY!!!

April 2010

Suki was returned to us by her owners because they didn't have the time to exercise her like they had promised when they adopted her. She is looking great, and is SO sweet. We'll only have her for a bit longer until we can find her another foster home.

Update 3-27-2101: Suki is being fostered at Mandy's house for awhile now. She is doing great there, and gets along really well with their dogs! It's a good place for her to be, she gets LOTS of exercise, building up those muscles!


Suki got adopted! YAY! It's a great fit for her, and they are willing to work with her, knowing that she has a lot of energy, and needs a lot of attention. I'm SO happy for her!

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