Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Kirby was pulled from the shelter the same time as Star, but he's been staying at Apple Valley. We got a call last night from the AV folks, saying that it looked like Kirby and one of the other boys had been in a fight, and Kirby lost.

So Lorraine and I went and picked him up to take him to the vet. He's got a couple bites on his head/face and it was all swollen. He looked like Quasimodo. I kept expecting him to say "She made me deaf, you know." LOL

Anyway, a couple hours later the vet had him all taken care of. He's got a couple shaved spots on his head/face so that the wounds can drain (icky), and a bandage wrap on his foot.

He couldn't go back out to AV with his injuries, so he got to come here. It's a little tricky having an unneutered male in the house with the other dogs.... we were going to get him neutered this week, but the doc wants to wait till he's healed up a bit. I'm going to encourage it to happen sooner rather than later.

Kirby is a good boy though, and he's got such a sweet (swollen) face.

The most important thing about Kirby's wrapping on his foot... that it stays on, and it stays dry.

I commented to the doc yesterday "whew! thank goodness all the raining is over!"

I shoulda known better.

So this morning, as I open his crate, and have to hold an "OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO PEE!" dancing dog still while putting a plastic baggie over his wrapped foot and trying to get a rubber band around it to hold it on, and Star is jumping all over my head, and Drake is barking because he has no idea why no one else has gone outside with him.....
... the thought might have crossed my mind that I'm insane.


Kirby is SUCH an amazing dog. He is well behaved, and has a wonderful personality. His real self has finally come out now that he is not longer injured. LOL. He is active, but not overly so. He LOVES to play fetch, and listens SO well. He is wonderful off leash.
He thinks he is a lap dog, LOL.
I love this big lug, and am so glad that we are getting to spend this time with him!

Have to share a few more photos of the Kirb.

Kirby and the cone of shame. LOL
This was when his foot got unwrapped, but still had the stitches in. He had an obsession with chewing on it, so he got to wear the cone. Poor boy. He didn't mind though... he could still wrangle his way through the dog door, and play fetch! LOL

Kirby at our last adoption event this past Saturday 2-20-10
Isn't he GORGEOUS??!


Kirby is being treated for some serious ear infections. He's got some goopy waxy stuff that the doc put in there to help his ears heal. He hasn't been himself the last couple days, as it's hard for him to hear, and he probably feels weird.

Poor Kirby.

I love this dog.. he is SO great. In every single way.


Kirby is on a sleepover!! WOO HOO!!!! *crosses fingers*



Kirby was in the paper last week, with his photo and a write up. These folks saw him there, went through the process, and fell in love.
He's been on a sleepover there since Monday, and we finalized it tonight.

They said that he is a fantastic dog. He totally fit right in with them, and was SO happy when we saw him tonight.
I think it's a great fit for him.

These are great people, and will treat him like he deserves. SO awesome for my Kirbster!

YAY! I'll miss the big lug, but I'm so happy for him!

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