Monday, February 1, 2010



Polly is adorable! She is one of 5 dogs that we pulled from the shelters today. She's a 2 year old Rat Terrier.

She is an absolute doll. So sweet, and the ultimate lap dog. She's been cuddled with one of us since we brought her home.

She is getting along great with the other dogs, except that Kirby is being a bit too rough with her. He forgets how big he is I think.

Polly isn't yappy or hyper like a lot of small terriers. She's got a gentle sweet personality. I really really like her. :) What a great little girl.


LOVE this little girl!
It's so fun to have a lap dog. She sits with me all the time, and loves to just be with me. I've taken her with me in the car, and she is on my lap while I'm working too.
What a sweet sweet dog. She's got the greatest personality for a little dog too.. not yappy or excitable.

She got spayed today, and is on a sleepover tonight. I'm hopeful that she's found her forever home already!


Polly's adoption was final today! She has a great home with them. They said that they are going to have to work with her on her housebreaking, but other than that, she is doing really well. YAY!

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