Sunday, February 21, 2010



Banjo was one of the 8 dogs that we pulled from the shelter the same time that we got Star and Kirby.
He's been at Apple Valley for awhile as we didn't have a foster home for him.
Just recently he went to a foster home, but he didn't get along well with one of their dogs, so we went and got him this afternoon.

He is a big goofy puppy with a lot of energy. He is BIG. 10 months old, but a little bigger than Kirby. He's got a great outgoing personality and has a lot of love!

He is going to HWAC with us on Tuesday, and we hope he gets accepted there!


Nope. Banjo was rejected from HWAC because they said that he has some anxiety that needs to be worked on. They were really great and told me ways that I can work with him, certain things to do, and what not to do.

He was SO great in the hotel overnight, and on the trip home. He's a big goof, just a big puppy, but he has a heart of gold. He really is a great dog, and I hope that we can find him a great family where he will be loved like he deserves.


I'm really enjoying having Banjo here. He's got such a neat personality, and is so full of love. He is cuddly, and is great to just sit next to me and let me pet him.
He can be a little toy possessive, but when there are so many dogs around, you've got to claim what is yours, right? LOL

He's a sweet boy, and I just love the big lug.


Banjo went on a long weekend with a great guy who was interested in adopting him. Banjo really responded well to him at the dog park, and after visiting with J for quite some time, I feel confident that this is a great match for Banjo (and vice versa!).

J isn't able to take Banjo home with him quite yet as he has some prior engagements that he needs to take care of first. No problem at all, as Banjo loves it here, and we love having him!
He will get to see his new dad next week for a couple days, then he will get to go to his forever home the end of the month.
YAY for Banjo! I'm so happy for him.

Banjo is another example of The Maggie Theory. There was a reason he didn't get accepted at HWAC. *grin*


Banjo went home tonight! Read the rest of his story HERE.

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