Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ups and Downs. The Joy and the Tears.


*sigh* This is one of the hardest things, emotionally. To be so excited about something, and so happy, then the very next day get a blow that knocks you on your butt.

Luna is back. It's awful, and has been very hard on the guy who adopted her. Luna became aggressive on the golf course. We are all shocked, and don't know how to even respond to it. This was SO not typical Luna behavior.

The guy who adopted her said that he thinks she bonded so quickly and so strongly to him that she became instantly protective. Over-protective. And he feels like she thought people were invading 'his' space, and she needed to protect him. She chased down a group of golfers, and actually cornered an elderly woman. He took her out of the situation, calmed her down, then took her back out again, and she did the same thing with a different group of golfers.

We were all discussing it, because it is SO NOT Luna behavior, and realized that he was working hard with Luna for a couple days, teaching her to chase and remove anything on the golf course. He was asking her to do that, and she did it. Too well. She was so eager to do whatever he asked, that even though she knew it was wrong to chase people, she thought that was what he wanted. They were on her course, and they were to be removed. That was her job.

Silly girl is too smart for her own good.

I honestly feel that is what happened.

So anyway, she is back with us, and settling back in. She's been a little off, I think she's adjusting to everything that she's been through in the last few weeks.

I'm prepared to accept her as a long term foster. When Wade and I were talking today about the dogs, he said 'our 3 girls and the 4 fosters'. Yeah. I think we might have both accepted it. And embraced it. :)
I won't stop looking for a home for her. But I'm not going to be disappointed if she doesn't find one. She is happy here. And we love her.

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