Monday, February 1, 2010



Parker is a great looking boy! He's an Irish Wolfhound who recently was shaved down, due to the amount of mats and grossness in his fur.

He's got such a neat personality, and what an expressive face!
The pictures might be misleading... he is a big boy!
He is one of 5 dogs that we pulled from the shelter today, and he gets to hang out at our house for a couple nights till the next HWAC trip.

Unfortunately, he and Kirby didn't hit it off real well, so Parker is in the side yard/bungalow for tonight.
We'll work on them a little more tomorrow, and see what happens. It's ok if it doesn't work out, because it's only for a day till Parker goes to CA.


Parker didn't get accepted at HWAC. He didn't pass the physical test. He's got some dry skin which is probably from being shaved down and having matted fur for so long.
But he stayed at Mandy's when they got home, and he is doing great there!


Parker got adopted today! WOO HOO!!!!!

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