Friday, January 8, 2010



This gorgeous girl came from the shelter and has been staying at Apple Valley for a couple weeks.

She's one of our fosters now, and is fitting in nicely.
She is so mellow and very very sweet. She absolutely did not like her crate, so she got a dog bed in our room last night.
She seems to have a little bit of separation anxiety, but it's not too bad. I imagine it will go away altogether once she realizes that we aren't going to leave her anywhere.


Aztec got adopted today! Wow, that was fast. I'm going to miss her. She is such a great dog. She's got a gentle soul.... and the way that she would look into your heart with her eyes. Just wow.
Goodbye sweet Aztec! Enjoy your new life with your family!


Nope, it didn't work out with Aztec's new family. The called this morning and asked if we could come get her. She just wasn't a good fit for them.
That's ok.. the first 2 days of an adoption are a trial to make sure that it's a good fit, and if it's not, then it's ok.


Aztec did great with us after she came back. She is such a sweet dog. So full of love.

She got accepted at HWAC today. I will miss her terribly. There's an empty spot on Wade's side of the bed that still has Aztec's blanket there. :(
I know that HWAC will find her a wonderful home, but sometimes it's hard to let them go without seeing them with their new families, ya know?

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