Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Miss Serra was pulled from the shelter quite some time ago. She is shy and timid, and terrified of men.
She's been in another foster home for several months, but she isn't getting any better with her fear because that home doesn't have any men in it. We put her there because she was comfortable, but it hasn't helped her at all.

So we brought her here, and we are immersing her in her phobia. She already loves Wade, so that's not an issue. Josh and Colton have been really great with her, working with her. If one of them walks into the room, she just goes crazy.. barking and backing up. But she is slowly learning to trust them.

She will take treats from them now, and she is realizing that they are going to be nice to her.

She is such a sweet dog. We don't know what breed she is.. some kind of terrier/cattle dog mix. She's got a broken tail, funky looking little thing. But it adds to her charm. She has the sweetest little face.

She's getting along well with the other dogs so far, and is leaving the cats alone, though she seems interested in them.

We'll see if we can get her past her fear of men. Wish us luck!


Took Serra to the dog park today with Aztec and Amikah.
She did SO great! Twice, she did her scared/back away barking at guys, but when the situation was explained to them, both of them were willing to work with her on it, and by the time we left the dog park, she was running around playing with the other dogs, and not having any issues with the guys there at all.

She doesn't bark at Josh or Colton anymore when they walk into the room, and she will actually go sit by Josh to get some love.



Serra is on a trial! WOO HOO!!!
These are REALLY great people, who know everything about her, and are willing to work with her on her issues.
Rather than an overnighter, or a weekend trial, they want to give her a week to see how everything goes, and if she warms up to them.

Oh I hope I hope I hope.


We got Serra back from the family who was keeping her for a week. She was doing well, and they absolutely loved her, but she nipped at their brother in law, and we couldn't let her stay there as the family had young kids. Not worth the risk.
They were very sad and reluctant to give her back, as they had bonded closely with her.
It was a good experience for Serra, and I'm glad that she was able to try that and see new things.

So we got her back, and have had her for a few days, and she just met another family tonight who are willing to work with her on her issues. They came and met with her for a while and we'll take her to them tomorrow afternoon for a week-long foster trial.
They have another dog, and have had a dog before with issues similar to Serra's.

Keep all fingers and toes crossed. This seems like it will be a GREAT fit for her!



We finalize everything on Monday!

*doin the happy dance*

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