Saturday, January 23, 2010



Drake was one of the rescues from the Iron Co. shelter.
He's been in another foster home for a week or so, and just came to our home tonight.

I know the photos are deceiving, he is not small. He's about the size of Ginger. He's got an adorable face, and an even sweeter personality.

He want's to play with Ginger SO badly, but she's not too keen on the idea of a dog as big as she is but still acting like a puppy. LOL.

He was white when he got here, and it only took him about an hour to be a lovely rust color from our muddy back yard. He needs a bath now. Badly. LOL!


Drake got adopted! A family up north adopted him, and he will be driving up with Jim tomorrow. SO awesome! WOO HOOO for Drake!

He was a fun boy to have here. Terrier energy and personality, in a big lurpy lab body, LOL! Ginger never did much like him because he was a little too much in her face, hahaha.

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