Sunday, August 1, 2010


July 28, 2010

Allie was a stray that has been staying with the person who found her while we searched for her owners. When her owners were unable to be located, Allie came to us.

She is a sweet girl, very loving, but she hasn't been taught anything. She is learning very quickly though, and she's incredibly smart.

She gets along great with the other dogs here, and is settling in nicely.
She's got a great personality, and will make someone a wonderful family pet!


Allie was supposed to go to HWAC, but went into heat before we left, so she got to stay here and be spayed instead. :)
She is such a sweet girl, and she's learning the rules quickly. She is very smart, and has a really great personality. She is SO loving.


A wonderful family from Vegas adopted both Allie and Brownie! The girls got to go together, which is SO awesome! They've got two young boys to play with... a lab's dream!

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