Sunday, August 15, 2010



Brownie was supposed to be going to HWAC with us on this last run, but she went into heat so we had to leave her this time.
I went and picked her up from the shelter when we got home, and she's been here with our crew.

She is doing great, and is loving being out of her shelter kennel! She's happy and fun, and is really enjoying playing with Allie and Sylva. :)
She's got a really great personality, listens well, knows some basic commands, and is SO SO SO happy. She's constantly smiling. :)

She'll be spayed on Monday and then will probably be going to a different foster home or Apple Valley as we are overloaded here. Of course, you know once she's been here for a few days, I won't be able to let her go somewhere else. LOL.
Don't know how long I can handle the energy level in the house though with all these young active dogs. HA! Edit: Probably? Yeah, no. LOL. Brownie got to stay here with us till she was adopted. :) Great dog, fantastic personality. LOVE her.

A wonderful family from Vegas adopted both Brownie and Allie! It couldn't have been more perfect! They have a couple young boys to play with, and they were both SO happy to go home with them!

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