Monday, August 17, 2009



Hoss is an owner release, his family is moving into a smaller home and can't take him with.
We got Hoss on Saturday, and he was adopted Saturday. We never even brought him home with us.

Then his new family called and said that it just wasn't working out, as much as they would have loved it to. Their little girl wasn't quite comfortable around him, so they returned him to us today.

We do have another couple who is interested in Hoss, but we can't do their home check till this evening (they live out of town), so Hoss gets to hang here with us.

He is a big teddy bear. What a sweet dog. BIG, but sweet. He loves the attention the girls are giving him, and he even likes the cats.

So, even if he's only here for today, he still gets a place on the wall here. ;)


We drove Hoss to his new home today. They are great! They've got a huge lot for him to roam around on, and a gorgeous Rottweiler gal for him to play with!

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