Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Rocco is a fantastic little guy! About 9 months old, GORGEOUS red Border Collie. His registered name is Sir Roccus, his previous owner called him Roc. He's already been dubbed Rocco here though. LOL

He is doing great, though a little overwhelmed by all the girls. He can run like the WIND, and with a little training will make someone an amazing agility dog.


Well, that was fast! I contacted a Border Collie Rescue in AZ, and they are taking Rocco! The details are still being worked on, but it looks like he'll be going to them on Friday. YAY! It will be great for him there!


Rocco left this morning for Border Collie Rescue. He was a great dog to have here, such a fantastic dog. He loved to play fetch, and was just as ball crazy as our Amikah!
He did NOT like cats, however, so I'm glad that it was only a few days that we had to keep him separated from the cats.

I hope he finds a great home through the rescue! I will update here when I hear news. :D

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